Jan 26, 2010

Let me buy you a house

Lately I'm in LOVE with beautiful houses...
I just want to have my own BIG place, so i can decorate it, have parties in, invite friends over for dinner, have movie night,... Just a place for myself.
I've been modeling now for already 2 years and i still don't know where my "home" is. 
I mean I know where I'm from and I still call home Gent, But... hmmm... you know what i mean right? 
Most of the times I think that my so called home, a plain or my luggage is.
Well anyway...
One day i will have my own amazing place.
But now i can still dream of living in the most amazing houses in the world:


X ceesie


  1. dat zijn echt wel zotte places,
    die eerste van Wright is ook mijn alltime favorite


  2. Geef mij maar de voorlaatste mmmmmmh x Line

  3. dude home is where the heart is, not "where the big ass cribs style you know the can't afford it but they rented that house for a day "MAISON is.
    I love you ceesie baby, you'll find your true home one day, and i know it'll be cosy and filled with love, soul and a madonna shrine.

    xoxo your ghettogirl Renatie

  4. you should call it ceasars palace