Mar 3, 2010


As a model i need to take a lot of Polaroids.
On castings, at the agency, on a shoot,...
Good Polaroids are everything for a model!!!
All clients always ask for some fresh new Polaroids next to the models book.
I think it's very sad that Polaroid stopped with making films. :-(
The colors are so much nicer and i think that everybody looks better in an old Polaroid then on digital camera. Don't you?
And it's just so much more fun to take them, after 2 minutes you have your funny Picture of a nice memory.
Here are some new Polaroids of ceesie:


  1. ahhh yes i love polaroids. it is very sad :(
    black and white film looks lovely too!

  2. hi there i like pola's. but i really wanna know which brand of the black" model's bag" ? i love the color.

  3. There is hope! Some people from Austria bought an old Polaroid factory in the Netherlands and try to continue making Polaroid film! It's difficult because some chemicals that were needed for the production of Polaroid film aren't produced anymore (they are rather bad for the environment), but the really want it! :) It's called "The Impossible Project" and here is the old website with the mission statement: A new website is already online with a shop and some instant photography stuff... Nice, nice! I keep my fingers crossed! :)

  4. you're really cute, specially in polas.

  5. Just so you know.
    The production of Polaroid started again.
    THey start selling again somewhere next year. :-)
    Toffe foto's trouwens! ;-)

  6. yes, it's true. they start producing it again, i love it.
    you look great in those polaroids!

  7. Polaroids are really cool but the film is pretty expensive and sensitive to light, which are disadvantages. My sis's friend bought a Hello Kitty polaroid camera online, and it was really sweet. Too bad I'm not photogenic, otherwise I would have gladly gone for group photos anytime.

  8. i love polaroids, take a pic and it's ready 2 minutes later! it's less harsh than a digital camera also.

  9. sexy polas! I love the third one :D

  10. You look so good.