Apr 6, 2010

Pauline van der Cruysse

What is it with all these new models coming from Holland???
Partricia van der Vliet, Mirte maas, Melissa Tammerijn, Bregje Heinen, Lisanne de jong, Anna de Rijk,...
Hello---OoooooooOoooo Where are the Belgians?? No offence, i love them Holland girls but i have to support my Belgian associates. ;-)
There is only ONE Belgian girl these days who is doing good, and that's Hanne Gaby.
Before we had: Hannelore Knuts, An Oost, Anouck lepere, Elise Crobez, Delphine Bafort, Tanga,...
It's kind of sad. Does Hanne have to represent Belgian all by herself?
Not for long! There is a new girl trying to make her way to the top. Her name... Pauline van der Cruysse. She just got signed to Marylin/New York and Elite/Paris.
I think she is amazing. She looks fresh. Having dark hair and a very strong face, I'm sure we will hear more from her!


  1. she looks like kina malpartida ,she knows mario testino takecare

  2. Hanne doing good!?!?!?!! shes doing amazing!! Going to root for Pauline but it all matters down to her casting agents from now on.

  3. You forgot to mention √Člise Crombez among Belgium's top models.

  4. Oh, she looks fab for fashion modeling. Is she a hundred percent Belgian? Because I think she looks very Spanish? But again, you could have said you were Italian or Spanish.
    I think it has to do with the fact that Belgium is in the middle of everything, so the difference between Belgian people in appearance is very big.
    I've never been in Belgium, but people in the netherlands are very friendly and the average height is pretty high compared to other countries. And when you have all the odds with you, all you have to learn is to work it :)

  5. she looks like frida kalo xD

  6. she looks a bit like emina cunmulaj?

  7. I know her and her Family! Oostende baby... :) she really gonne make it...and her brother works for Noma (best restaurant in the world) Denmark!