Jun 1, 2010


Ceesie was never a big fan of Mexican food, but since I live in NYC... I started loving it!
What is better then ending a sunny day with a Fish-taco and a Frozen Margarita in your hands???
The Taco truck @ Union pool in Williamsburg/Brooklyn, makes the best taco's and next door there is a ghetto Mexican place that makes THE BEST frozen Margarita's ever.
For me Frozen Margarita's = FUN FUN FUN. I have the best nights out when I start my night with frozen Margarita's. SO good and tasteful, YUMMMIIEEEEE.
In my home country we don't really have that many Mexican restaurants, sadly enough it's not that popular here.
So let's all go to MEXICOOOOOO and get wasted on a beach in the sun. Deal?


  1. Ok, now I get it.. I mean the moustache thing. In Mexico you need to have that kind of facial hair.

  2. Drink the frozen margaritas, but don't drink the water, Cessie.

  3. What are tacos?They sound good,but I've never tried them before...

  4. I simply love getting food from roach coaches[food trucks] Esp after a long day & you're just hungry. I'll add it to my list for when I visit NY. You should open up a taco place in your hometown I'm sure you'll be popular! Cessie's Tacos Por Favor[please]:D

  5. I live in Mexico,you can come here everytime you want to.

  6. Two are good reason for visiting mexico are fruits and people...
    I think that you will like that mostoch! :)

  7. Stumbled upon your blog and I just had to comment on this post because I bought tacos and black bean soup at that exact same truck during my visit to NYC last yr. I loved how the food is delicious and the ambiance (taco truck being outside, but still inside a bar) makes me want to eat more! I'm from Manila, btw. You'll love the food here! :)

    ~ Marian