May 9, 2010

Pedro Almodóvar

Ceesie loves Pedro Almodovar movies.
For me Perdo is one of the best directors in the world.
Last night i saw "La mala educacion" and it was amazing!! The acting, the atmosphere, the glossy decors, strong colors, irreverent humor,... I always love his themes: Passion, Desire, Family, identity, transsexuals,....
My favorite ones are "todo sobre mi madre" and "Mujeres al borde de un ataque de nervios".


  1. La mala educacion?With Gael Garcia,right?
    Hey,Cesar,there's a spanish movie I've heard a lot about lately but noone I known has seen it before so I can tell it it's a good movie to watch.Have you seen "Las edades de Lulú"?
    Btw,I love your blog.

  2. No never saw it... Thanks for the tip ;-)

  3. oh, hes my favourite, u should definetely watch his other movies..
    hes AMAZING, i always get inspired n touched after cing hes movies..<> ....

    tnx Ceesie, im gonna watch his movies again 2day


  4. Hey Cesar I have a reaallly random question: do your speak French??

  5. cesar! i'm very surprised to see that you like almodovar so much!
    i'm a spanish student.
    i love your blog and i really think that you have an amazing face.
    i wish you the very best. bye!

  6. hi cesar! i'm very surprised because you like almodovar so much (and i¡m so happy for that). i'm a spanish student.

    i only want to say that i love your blog and that i wish you the very best... we want to see you more on fashion!!!