Jun 26, 2010


Ha! Fashion week is over... and no Ceesie spotted on the Catwalk.
In one way I'm sad I didn't do it this season, but on the other side I'm Happy.
-No stress to be on time at the castings.
-No running in the city with my heavy book under my arm.
-No disappointments if you don't do the show.
-No waiting for 2 hours at a casting.
Instead I'm making money and I'm having fun in TOKYO...
I did checked the shows and here are some of my favorite outfits:

Dries van noten


  1. Have you always been interested in fashion or did it began after you start modeling? Do you buy/wear designer clothes on your free time?
    thanks. :)

  2. As long as you are happy with what you're doing .
    I would like to see some picture of ceesie stomping the runway , but of course I am also glad to know you have been enjoying yourself and working in Tokyo .

    Ultimately as long as you know how to stay positive in the business :D .

    As for the shows , I am quite fond of the Jean Paul Galtier menswear this season

  3. rest is necessary!;)
    with new forces in the fight in next season!;) hehe

  4. I think its much better not to do the shows. I also really liked the YSL. The shorts in the YSL are hilarious!

  5. and im sure most of the other models wished they were in your shoes!
    living the life in japan!!

  6. Really lucky that you got to spend the time at Japan instead!I'm sure it's awesome!

    Haha George Barnett at the last pic:)

  7. Well guess you an't be everywhere at the same time...
    You don't need to be disappoint for not beeing chosen for a catwalk. It happens to all of us not to have everything and sometimes is just a bit of luck and you don't have to ask why...
    Enjoy that trip to Japon everybody can earn money but not everyone can visit such places
    Nice outfits seriously ;)!!!

  8. Ceesie, have any male models hit on you? ;)