Jun 24, 2010

Let me buy you a Mango, it's only 84 dollars!

Yesterday I went food shopping and I was SHOCKED!!!
First of all, Tokyo is one of the most expensive city's I've ever been in my life.
But 84 dollars for a f*cking mango??? Or 105 dollars for some Grapes??
Excusez- moi, that's just NOT NORMAL.
OK OK OK, I went to an amazing supermarket where they had the best of the best fruits and veggies, but still...?? A little overpriced if you ask my opinion.
Even when I go to the fruit shop next to my apartment I still have to pay 2,50 dollars for ONE apple.
I don't understand why fruit and vegetables are so expensive here.
I just hate it!


  1. This mango loks lika a Mango's queen :) But the price is really overpriced! Even in Moscow, where I'm from, in the most (most!) expensive supermarket the price for mango is two times less than in Tokyo.

  2. the fruit look a little artificial..somewhat fake!!

  3. Here in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), with 2,50$ I can buy about 6 apples, I think. And you find coconut water at the supermarket, at the beach and in almost every corner for 1$, 1,50$... I think it's cheap here because we (Brazil) produce lots of fruits, vegetables n' stuff. (after this, I think Brazil will be your new heaven lol)

  4. The box for the mango makes it look like it's a crime to even touch it. haha.

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  6. The box or the mango? Hahahahaaaa...
    Tokyo is the most expesive city in the world I guess people are really well payed for those crazy prices...
    Value doesn't have any relation with the price! Everybody knows that best fresh fruit comes from Latin America and we love it!!! <3

  7. No ,not exactly. Infact alot of reports are saying
    Japanese aren't paid enough to even afford wives and GF ( bf / husbands for that matter )

    I was reading some article saying a huge decline in birth population in Japan, one of the reason was due to people not able to afford marriage and stuff thanks to the low pay.

  8. I'm guessing the high price is due to importing the fruit??? Though I'm no expert on the Japanese trading.... Seems slightly overpriced though...!

  9. You should come to Central America!
    I have mangos in my backyard i can eat them whenever i want ;) all fruits are really cheap in here! :)

  10. yea fruits are expensive in tokyo :P especially they sell fruits from japan are really expensive because its safe with no-bug killer-medicine and taste so sweet and big. and japan known as a very small land cant produce a lot of fruits.so we have to import them from another country, maybe or because of the weather in japan. fruits from another country are cheep. otherwise we dont sure if they are safe or not. some of rich people buy expensive mango. (i dont.)