Jun 7, 2010

Lost in translation

Here I am... sitting On my bed at 2 a clock at night in my New apartment in Tokyo! Jet lag??? Grrrrr...

Tokyo is C-R-A-Z-Y!!!

I've been to Hong-Kong, Seoul and Bali but Tokyo is something totally different. The people, the streets, the atmosphere.

I can't really compare it with a country I've been. When i came out of the Plane I felt like I arrived on another planet, all these little people smiling and bowing and no way to read or understand the language.

In one way I'm scared, scared of feeling Lonely here...

But I'm also VERY exited!!! 45 days of Japanese culture will be an amazing experience in my life!



  1. As I'm sure you know by now, but will just remind you, In the beginning its always hard & you feel extremely lonely (don't feel surprised if a tear comes out soon) In the end tho its always worth it. You leave with memories, experiences you can only get by being strong and taking chances. If you're lucky you'll leave with a new special friend.

    take care

  2. Hey Ceesie
    Als je uitgaat in het Roppongi district denk ik wel dat de kans groot is dat je iemand tegenkomt die je kent. Toen ik er 2 jaar geleden was zat het vol met buitenlandse modellen. Verder zijn Japanners ook wel heel nieuwsgierig naar buitenlanders, dus nieuwe mensen ontmoeten zal wel geen probleem zijn. Jongere mensen spreken over het algemeen wel een woordje Engels, bij ouderen zul je toch wel een woordje Japans uit je mouw moeten schudden ;)In het begin vond ik het ook super eng (ik zat in een gastgezin) maar het is nog steeds het beste wat ik ooit gedaan heb en ik heb er vrienden voor het leven aan over gehouden. Er zijn ongelofelijk veel leuke dingen te doen in Tokyo, je zal geen tijd meer hebben om je eenzaam te voelen! Anyway, enjoy! ;)
    Grtz uit België

  3. Dear Cessie,

    I am sure you can look forward to interesting foods that you will enjoy. And also it will be interesting to meet people and also to learn about yourself. You can take pictures of beautiful sights that your blog readers may note know of...

  4. You know is very exciting to have that feeling of being lost...
    I think not every one the opportunity and you have to enjoy and learn from different cultures! I think that is great to see differents cultures, places people and food...
    Japanesse people are used to Tokyo. But the are more different places in Japon there is a lot of nature go to visit the hot water those with the monkeys
    Geisers and forest nature can be wondeful!
    kisses from bolivia

  5. Hi cessie,
    you should come to Melbourne, Australia
    You'll love it :)
    Good luck staying in Japan xoxo
    domo arigato mr roboto :)

  6. i am so excited to here that you are here in Japan! enjoy your stay.. and visit all the places you wanna see.

    if u have any question about Japan, i will be happy to help for no charge.. cause you are fabulous!



  8. Japan is unlike anywhere in the world!! Tokyo is an amazing city with SO much to offer - I'm very jealous that you'll be spending 45 days there!

    Can't wait to read all about it on your blog!
    Have fun!


  9. Tokyo is like the most exciting place I have ever been. I was only there for 5 days but I could have stayed months. It's just so... different!

  10. ohayoo godzaimas(u) - 'good morning' in japanese.

    aren't we always a bit lonely? :)

  11. Ooo, I miss your stay in HK... Hope you enjoy Japan, cuz it has so many good food and nice clothes! Don't forget their skincare!!!! They are all fab;)