Jun 11, 2010


The food here in Japan is INCREDIBLE.
Yesterday i had a shoot for Japanese GQ and for Lunch we went to a little typical Japanese restaurant. I ordered my first sashimi plate and i have to say it was AMAZING.
I had a culinary orgasm, SO good it was!!
The fish here is so fresh and the miso soup was not with tofu but with Little baby clams in it, i never had it this way. Mmmmm... delicious.
Healthy life here we go...


  1. good for you! the sashimi looks so delicious! i know you would go back there to have more whenever u have a chance.
    i just LOVE reading your blog when you talk about food... lol cause you make them look sooo good.

    have fun in japan, ceesie!


  2. i remember when i first ate it, i was12 years old in tokyo and i almost puked all over the bar... my dads associates were appauled...lol
    now 8 years later, i can barely leave without it...

    just love it

  3. that looks delicious!

  4. No wonder Tao Okamoto is skinny!!!

  5. I think I would starve to death in Japan 'cos I don't like seafood at all.. Though picture and food looks good and healthy but I wouldn't eat it.

  6. I like the food photos. Shutter Island was really excellent and then I watched The Age on Innocence and The Aviator again. I really now think that Scorsese had been making good movie for 20 years. I think he will be one of the most important directors.

  7. you can get fresher fish in norway! my parents fish the fish we're gonna have for dinner a few hours before dinner. from our garden. just saying. :D

  8. I'm sorry that I'm the only one in this conversation that has a negative reply, but that looks SOOOO DISGUSTING! :$