Jun 14, 2010

Smoking Kills

If there is one thing that I don't understand about Tokyo... it's the Smoking promotion.
First of all, It's still allowed to smoke in Restaurants, bars and clubs.
I just don't get it. People here eat so healthy and I think they even take more care for there body then we Westerners do. But why do they SMOKE so much?? Everyone I've met is a smoker or smoked before.
Second of all, you can still find big smoking campaigns on the street.
And last but not least, cigarettes are only 3 dollars here, maybe that's one of the biggest reasons why there are so many smokers in Tokyo.
Anyway... What I wanted to say is that I don't like smoking, I'm also not a smoker and I just wanted to remind YOU, smokers, that you have to stop!!
There is not one thing good about it!
Happy that's from my chest ;-)


  1. wow,you're just charming.you should give lessons to most people out there.

  2. Smoking is very much frowned upon in my country's society,that's why the government came up with all kinds of ways to prevent the society's citizens from smoking.It's good that you don't support smoking,but like majority,I also can't understand why this activity's still so popular.

  3. Correct me Ceesie if I'm wrong but in fashion and model industry I've noticed that exeptionally many smokes. I've seen lots on pics, videos ja interviews and almost everyone says they smoke.
    I'm glad your not a smoker.

  4. Don't know if you ever read your comments, but I just wanted to say, hi :D

    & I, too, am glad you don't smoke!

  5. Is it possible for you to elaborate on what there is to do in Belgium (since you're from there)? I'm going to be there for about 3 months and I don't wish to only do all the touristy stuff!

  6. I do read these comments, and i LOVE them!!
    Belgium had many things to do... add me on facebook and i will email you some things ;-)

  7. Yea... People think smoking can lose weight... Particular in Asia. Good to hear that you don't smoke!!!

  8. I found your blog from xanga... and I am pleasantly surprised that some male models don't smoke... I thought they all are... :)

  9. So sad, people smoke younger and younger. And some of my friend already stoped to resist to that fashion. Where are we going to?

  10. YOU DON'T SMOKE!!!?

    Some people just do that cause they do what the other say is ok without thinking that is so bad...

    Specially when they star to stink !!!

    I really like you and your blog :)

  11. Oh dear. To be quite honest, I started smoking because I had the misfortune of thinking it was cool and became addicted very young. Also smoking used to be $3.00 in America and my generation had a lot of youth advertising.

    I will confess, I am trying to give up smoking as usual, but while it is dangerously addictive. I feel self conscious to be the only smoker on the page.

  12. Hi!how do you do?
    I'm not a smoker, too.
    Though I am interesting, I don't want to breathe the advertisement of the cigarette.
    I become the difficult problem about the prohibition of smoking in the restaurant in particular in Japan:^(

  13. Ahaha those smoking ads are hysterical! So sad :(

    Btw, I don't think the Japanese eat so healthily on purpose, it is just by chance that the diet and culture they have evolved other time turns out to be one of the healthiest ways to live


  14. you like sour kids and wine gums, you need to try sour wine gums. much better than a cigarette....

  15. It's just that smoking companies like philip morris looking for new markets and japan looks like a nice perspective for increasing their income..

  16. If you want to kill yourself, don't smoke, jump in front of a train, is even cheaper.

  17. That's surprised you don't smoke0_0

  18. You do lose weight if you're a smoker b/c it suppresses your appetite and you can't taste things fully and since many eat b/c food tastes good, when you smoke, food doesn't taste as good, so you don't eat as much when you do have the appetite.

    the bad part of cigarettes is the tar and poisons that ruin your lungs. there is the new form of smoking which is water vapor and nicotine (which is the part that smokers crave).

    I don't like smoking, never tried it, and I think those who smoke are inconsiderate to themselves and those around them who are affected by second hand smoke.

    Glad that you respect yourself enough not to smoke.

    Aloha from Hawaii

  19. Oh really? I haven't heard any of that since then. Even if many countries have campaigns against smoking, people would still buy cigarettes. At least, you don't smoke like me.