Jul 2, 2010


Last Night I didn't had any sleep... Reason? Fish market Tokyo!
The Tsukiji market is the biggest wholesale fish and seafood market in the world.
Everybody who I met told me "Ceesie, before you leave Tokyo you have to see the biggest fish market in the world". So last night me and my friend went for a little adventure....
I met my friend at 1 am, went for dinner, went to a bar and around 4 am we took a cab to the famous market.
What an experience it was. SOOOO big, SOOOO much fish and SOOOO many people.
We saw the big tuna auction , all different types of seafood and I even saw a man selling fresh pieces of whale... :-(
At the end we went for a sushi breakfast in one of the little sushi restaurants located around the fish market, so fresh and so taste full.
A must do if your in Tokyo! ;-)

(the frozen Tuna)


  1. Wish i were there=) Fresh seafood is a big rarity in Moscow (where i live)/////

  2. Well, I guess that is not only for whales that we shall be ashamed some others kinds of sea animals that are in a great danger of extinction.
    Fish them with out any control or responsibility…
    That is a Big Deal to have fresh & variety of delicious see food always! Sushi for all!! ;)

  3. wow so many fish xD I would love to be in Tokyo. you went to Roppongi? oh and Glad to know that you like Lisbon ;D

  4. muy buenas fotos, deberias dedicarte a eso.
    Tienes talento ,no lo desperdicies

  5. Not sure about the tuna, but everything else looks like fresh catch! Yum!

  6. It is such a good idea to stay up all night and see this phenomenon. It is really something to think about.

  7. Maybe when you return to New York someday you will take me to the fulton fish market. this dispatch has got me wondrous about fish markets. I think that one of your attractive qualities is your interest in food and ability to cook.

  8. Did it smell really fishy there? I personally don't like the raw fish smell.