Jul 13, 2010


I think it's just HILARIOUS, in Tokyo people sleep everywhere. I see people sleeping or taking a nap in the most funny positions and at the most random locations.
On the subway, on the street, in their cars, in a bar,...
Everyday I see people sleeping in public like it's a normal thing to do.
Today I was sitting in Starbucks, working on my column, and next to me there was a guy sleeping for like 1 hour , and he was snoring like a pig! I almost wanted to scream in his ear!
The other day I went to a restaurant and a woman was sleeping on the table.
I mean, OK if your tired, but please go to bed.
I think it's really funny, but guess it's normal here...


  1. That last photo is so funny! The puppy must be so tired!

    On a different note, I really like that girl's leggings in the photo above it.

  2. Haha ceesie! Kom maar vlug terug! Ik wacht op u....

  3. I wish i could fall asleep anywhere like that!

  4. So funny!! Let us spleep Ceesie :)
    You must translate that column I can't wait to read it and dutch seems difficult!
    Can't undestand why the Elle Magazine doesn't have a french edition???!!! Belges hahaha

  5. hahaha seems like that pug learnt from the best :P

  6. last picture is priceless. good documentation of japanese people tho!

  7. The last picture is great!!! =)

  8. Haha! That's kind of awesome, I mean, it seems kind of liberating to be able to fall asleep like that without worrying about either being robbed or worrying about other people's impression of you/you're life since you sleep on public places.

    Oh God, just look at all those people, so easily accessible and yet at peace with themselves.

  9. Dear Cessie,

    I am going to start sleeping everywhere as well.

  10. Dear Cessie,

    I was also wondering if they had funny looking short models. I think I need an extra job. I think it would be interesting if our society equated beauty with funny looking. I have an idea that you could start an agency for funny looking models. And also I think you should be a photographer or chef. I know you would like being a chef I think.

  11. CEESIE today in my country is the 14th of July which meannss
    happy birthday beautiful boy

  12. LOL this happenes to me when i'm very tired and and a long day but i don't fall into a deep sleep it's like a lil cat nap when your head is bobbing.

  13. like how every one is so damn tired in the train in tokyo, or the businessmen being drunk, lol

  14. aw luv the pic of the dog and owner napping - so funny!