Aug 22, 2010

coffee time

Today I wanna write about coffee...
I wrote about Starbucks already and how much money I spend on it every day but now I wanna write about the real stuff. Starbucks has good lattes and frappuccino's but there is nothing better then a real cappuccino or a regular coffee made of great coffee beans.
Everyday Ceesie needs his coffee. It's funny because 2 years ago I hated coffee. I thought it was the most discusting drink in the world, way to bitter with a nasty smell.
Funny how things can change.
The ideal taste of a coffee should be a perfect balance between sweetness, bitterness and acidity.
A cappuccino is like a cocktail, and the ingredients need to be right. That includes the milk, full fat is the best to make a great cappuccino(but ceesie always asks for skim- or Soy milk).
I a soy cappuccino or a skinny latte.
There are so many types and styles to make a great coffee but no stomach is large enough to taste them all.
The other funny thing about coffee is that it's also a social event for me. Every time I meet up with a friend we go for a cup of coffee. There is nothing better then to sit down and talk for hours while you're enjoying your cup of black gold.


  1. I used to dislike coffee to but now I'm okay with it.Starbucks in my country sells a cup for about 4 or 5 dollars,but one can just get a real cup of coffee made from real coffee beans for just 80 cents at the coffee shop near my house.It's really worth it.:)

  2. I love coffee, I think you are quite adventurous to try out new things because it's interesting people perception would change. Well, one of my friends doesn't like coffee since he has some really crap filter coffee at home. I never like filtered coffee anyway, it just taste awful because they would use cafe robusta beans, I think probably Cessie you disliked coffee before probably because you tried those ones made from those horrible beans. It doesn't have the smell or flavour, basically it's blend and full of bitterness. On the other hand coffee with cafe Arabica beans got all the smell and flavour could last for quite a while after you drank it. By the way, I don't like Starbucks because it's expensive and the coffee is not that good anyway.

  3. coffee stunts your growth ceesie!

  4. Babyyyyyyy, you never write about Love.

    It's always interesting your stories about different cities and countries and ice-creams and running shoes.

    But you never talk about who you love, if there is someone you miss, or if someone is crazy in love with you.
    There are always It Girls on a photo with you, and your friends and people around,
    but you never talk about the feelings, about a girl who you wish to be with, about a girl who you wish to kiss and so on..........

  5. Coffee, coffee, coffee! Soy latte is my favorite! I couldn't live without it :)

  6. Is that your picture? Do you see the leaf in the left and the small heart in the right...
    Lovely coffe time ;)

  7. Hi! nice blog, keep it up :)
    Just one note abt milk, fat doesn't let the foam rise properly (even when u whisk eggs until stiff there must NOT be any trace of the yolk otherwise they don't rise), therefore the skim milk is the BEST one for a perfect foamy cappuccino!