Aug 26, 2010

Food obsessed???

I think that My 2 biggest interests in life are Fashion and Food.

But lately I'm more into food.

If someone asks me what my favorite dish is, I tell them I can't answer the question, cause Ceesie has more then 20 favorite dishes!

Is it funny If I say that I'm food obsessed??

I really think I am...

I don't know why, but EVERY hour I think about something I wanna put in my mouth or swallow down my stomach. When I'm bored or when I'm with my friends, walking around in the city, the subject is often: fOOD.

Even before I go to bed I'm already thinking what I wanna have for Breakfast.

Sounds funny no??

My parents and friends tell me I have a problem!

I just enjoy a good meal so much. It's even so bad that sometimes I call my dad to ask what he's gonna cook and then I call my mom to see what she's going to cook, so i can decide where is best! haha

Shame on me.

I just LOVE to fantasies about food. Or to dream about what I wanna eat...

Mmmmm... Imagine having the mac and cheese from Dumont restaurant in NYC right now, or a hot cinnamon roll with extra butter on top, or a pizza slice with Parmesan cheese and a cold diet coke to flush it down , or just a simple piece of bread that you dip in some great olive oil from Greece mixed with rosemary leaves and salt, or a little piece of Belgian chocolate melting on your tong while sipping from a hot coffee...

I can go on and on and on.

I just love to talk about food.

Maybe I should start my own food channel or cooking program or write my own cookbook...

Ceesie aka the new Martha Stewart! ;-)


  1. haha i love how you put such enthusiasm on every post and make everything sound more interesting. Not that food isn't interesting, but i'm just saying in general. I can feel the emotion everytime i read your blog. Good stuff cesar :)

  2. Not as obsessed as you, but I'm close. I just can't help myself. It's so wierd because I really want to be skinny, but who can resist grapes, dark chocolate with ginger, musli with blueberries, pancakes with sweet cheese, watermelon, italian cookies with almonds, porridge. . . Human race has spent so much time making different kinds of food and it is pitty not trying and enjoying different recipes!

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  4. I agree with Isadora that you really make your posts really interesting. Well done, life should be positive and interesting. I'm glad to hear that you got a lot of favourite dishes; if not I'm really worried because it would mean either you are having the same dish every time or you just don't really like food. I believe if there are some kind of energy packs or drink to satisfy your daily energy requirements, I think quite a few people would do that. But... what is the fun with that? Food is an enjoyable experience, it makes you feel very satisfied with each with a nice and enjoyable experience and it also it's the time to socialise as well. I must admit people like food tend to eat better than those who don't because they do care the taste and also what do they eat. You should be very proud of this because actually this is one of the things that makes you healthy. I think food should always have a special place that we do treasure about.

  5. apparantly you're not the only one. I'm as crazy about food as you are and I don't really care about whether it's a nice piece of fresh home-made lemon cake, bulgur with vegetables, some fine swiss chocolate or tabbouleh!

  6. FOOD FTW I'm glad you love it as much as I do :D Even though I get fat and you don't, apparently, heh.

  7. i love that you love food as much as i do. i don't eat large portions but i am always day dreaming about various varieties of food! all the time!
    i do tend to put on wt, so i watch what i eat .
    i love that you are so passionate about food!
    i love your blog!


  9. Haha this post made me hungry xDD Starting a food channel would be interesting...

  10. why dont you start your own martha stewart show!
    The ceesie show (:

  11. Haha this post had me smiling all the way through! And if you'll excuse me, I'm going to get me something to eat now. YUM!

  12. I really admire this interest in sustenance on your part because I get too anxious to eat. But the first chapter could be why food is enjoyable told in a manner similar to the one above and why you like cooking and how it makes you feel. This could be of social service to people like myself. Then maybe there could be some simple and creative favorite dishes with some old fashioned drawings or pictures of the food. I am worried about how you should look on the cover of the book. For instance, would it be suitable for a mustache? Another idea I really like is that you have a T.V. show like Julia Child -- you can look her up on youtube -- The French Chef. I think this is a bit more of a dignified approach than Martha Stewart. Alternately what about a cooking class at the YMCA for people like myself who can't even cook oatmeal. This may be a great service although I think would have to be in the dyslexic section of your class!

    Also what do I do if I get too nervous and scarred to eat? Does this ever happen to you?

  13. Dear Cessie,

    I found "The French Chef." I think Julia Child was tall like you. It is making an omelette:

  14. I agree with your idea in starting your own cookbook and food channel!Like you I also think way ahead of my time and stomach.Like instead of thinking in math class my mind would be wandering away and thinking about what to eat for lunch and dinner instead!