Sep 30, 2010

All in my Grill

Today this song jumps on on my Ipod, I totally
forgot about it...
I love discovering old favorite songs.


  1. <3 I still have Nicole Wray's album Missy produced/Nicole's only album. Sooo good! Sooo sad her career ended so fast!

  2. Somehow I actually like M.C. Solar.

  3. Dear Cesar,

    Out of habit, I did not want to forget to post a comment to your blog. I did not know of this album M.C. Solar is very sexy I think. Perhaps this is something I should purchase? It is a problem I often have with men. Once I went to dinner with a man who started eating all my food by accident. And what a dashing facebook picture of you.

  4. However another time I was completely broke and saw this friend for dinner and he was just great. He just fed me cash all evening for drinks and I didn't have to worry and all and he gave me money to get home and men who can be generous like that if they have the cash, it really can get you especially if you can trust that they aren't trying to get something from you.

  5. Hey, Cesar!!!, since you're so great at looking great and in shape, how about you tell us what you eat on an average daily basis, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and what you do for exercise when you go to the gym, please it would help us all and you're a great inspiration