Sep 14, 2010

Around the world

As a model I travel constantly, a specially when I'm in Europe...

Belgium is the center of Europe so nothing is very far.

Paris = 1 hour by speed train.

London = 2 hours by Eurostar and Amsterdam is only 2,5 driving.

And when you fly for 2 hours you're in Milan or Madrid.

My favorite thing to do when I'm in an airport (except for reading gossip magazines and drinking Starbucks) is looking at the time and destination screen and make my personal top 3 where I would love to fly at that moment.


  1. Sometimes i would rather not to take a plane...
    Just be able to think in the place you want to go and then be there! It would be easier no time changing or checking things so stressing :P

  2. Ever thought about traveling to Brazil perhaps? I think you'd love it here...

  3. Living in Japan, I can't imagine driving or taking train into another country. How different it would feel... You are so lucky, and you know that, too, right? xo

  4. I always feel like sneaking onto a flight other than the one to Switzerland if I have to go there. At the last minute, I always with I was on a plane to Chile or Africa as I always travel for work, work, work. I think it is an escape fantasy.

  5. Deze is in Zaventem, niet ?

    xx Afrodite