Sep 13, 2010

Ceesie got Inked

I don't know what came through my mind, but 2 days ago I had a shoot in Madrid and suddenly I wanted to get a tattoo...
So I called my friend, who lives in Madrid, and told her what was on my mind.
Off course she was like " Just do it Cesar". So after walking around in the city I decided to get my first (and last) tattoo on my body.
I don't really know why I got it...
Maybe because I was bored?
Maybe because I wanted to know how it feels?
or maybe because I just like tattoo's?
Anyhow, we went in to the store and the rest is History...
It didn't really hurt as much as I thought it would and it went by so fast.
After 20 minutes I left the Tattooshop with a mark on my right ankle that will never go away.


  1. LOVE IT! However, why this specific symbol? Like it, strong and subtle, but is there a story to it?

  2. Ayyy Caramba!
    The last don't say never again... ;)

  3. Weird tattoo choice, looks too meaningless. I think it's the first two reasons why you got a tattoo. It will hurt more if it was a big one.
    I have my daughters name tattoo'd on the side of my ribs. Would you ever tattoo someone's name on your body? One of who you know you'll forever love?

  4. Oh Cesar,

    I am really shocked! But I like your tattoo. What does the pointed cross mean? You should be careful because it can become a habit and a fix.

  5. OOMG! When I saw your foot I thought you was getting this gigantic tattoo and I was shocked like yeah - and then you just had this little cross (is it a croos) :P

    btw. what happened to NYC, why are you hanging out in Europe all the time - I know it could be a coincidence or you just taking a break from the big noisy city.

    Oh yeah, and I loved your post with Lucy in Belgium - you know I'm a fan of her :P anyways don't you (as in the people of Belgium) have this comic thing going on in Belgium? If so, you should have showed her those on buildings and so.
    Adieu :)

  6. and how did your trip to madrid?

  7. Dear Cesar,

    Is the facebook picture you as a child? What a serious child! You sport a very similar look as an adult -- I think it is sort of early 60s SDS. I like your look with the bracelets and the hair as it is good and looks the most you. Oh dear, I have had a lot of ob-cessie compulsive cesarsalading today. My big fantasy has become a meal by Cesar. I think such a meal would be balm to my crazy head.

  8. You can still remove it but I heard it takes a bit of time (though not entirely sure 'cause yours is small). My friend had 8 relatively small ones and removed about 5. lol. Bet she had fun. Cool tat, though.

  9. I actually really like what you got! Definite shoe envy as well. Love those boots.

  10. That looks so cool.
    But you know what you should do? A skincare and hair routine. Show us what you do/use as a model to keep your skin and amazing hair the way it is.

  11. Cessie, a great warrior.