Sep 7, 2010

Elle Girl Korea

Today I received a package from DHL... (Ceesie loves to get mail from over sea's)
When I opened the mail I saw a magazine, Elle Girl Korea.
Hmmm.. Why would they send that to me? So I started looking in it and suddenly I discovered a whole page about "The Cesar salad Blog"!!
Amazing, no?
I'm so happy that a magazine from the other side of the world writes about my personal blog.
I've been in other magazines, and did interviews about my modeling carrier but never about the blog I started 6 months ago.
I'm very flattered that a magazine writes about it.
There is just one little problem, I can't understand one word.
It's all in Korean! ;-)


  1. congratulations ceesie!
    now time to partayyy!!

  2. Dear Ceesie

    It is always , always a pleasure to see an update from your blog whenever I visit here .

    I hope it lasts forever, its really wonderful to be able to know what is going on in your life, and I am sure you have inspired different with things on your blog .

    Please never stop the blogging , Viva Cessie blog!

  3. Maybe it's now that you should take adavantage of all of your blogreaders and ask if anyone's able to translate?

    G'day to you, Plath

  4. In Love with you.

  5. congratulitions, you should start learning korean

  6. Babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...

  7. Haahahaa so funny...
    Hope they don't evil things =)

  8. Is it true????
    Do you really have big ears Cesar?

  9. Dear Cesar,

    I love you too. It is nice that you are getting attention for your personality. Also the life and interests of a young man unfolds on these internet pages in a rather nice way which is unusual for a model who is perpetually silent in pictures.

  10. dear cesar,

    i'm very happy for you. everyday, after a long day at school, i log in and look forward to one of your new posts. although i may not connect with your career in modelling, i feel i can connect with your personality. i love trying out the recipes on your blog, they all tasted very good so far - by the way! i've been an avid follower since the beginning, and i love to see how you've evolved since then and read about the new things in your life (newest movies you saw, coffee, summer in japan, the first time you wrote for elle belgium!).

    i hope you always continue blogging, it makes many people happy!

    from a girl in montreal, canada.

  11. Caesar Casier!

    You're one of the few male models I admire. Your personality is enticing and very fun. Your public blog is amazing, and it's interesting to sneak a peak inside a male model's life.

    Keep blogging please! :)

  12. Cesar, we're all Crazy about you. From Korea.

  13. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!
    i'm korean
    Now I'll have to buy that magazine.

  14. when i can speak English well, i will translate to you of that magazine

  15. If you had a better scan I could translate it for you...

  16. your blog is a stress buster :)

  17. YOu should thank Elle Girl Korea!
    I actually came to see your blog because of it!
    And your blog is actually really good.
    Keep it up! x