Sep 23, 2010

New York I miss you

It's been over 4months since I've been back in the city that never sleeps... And to be honest I f*cking miss it!
First 6 weeks Tokyo and now already 2,5 months Belgium/Europe.
I always try to spend my summers back home, with my friends and family... But this time I have the feeling it's taking forever! I'm "stuck" here for almost 3months now and I still don't have any idea when I'll be back in my favorite city. Normally I was supposed to do NY-Fashion week but because I had all that work here, in Europe, I decided to skip and go for the Moneyzzzzz!!! So that's why Ceesie is still here in his home country. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't like it but I've been here and done that, if you understand what i mean. ;-)
Belgium is fun and great but after 2 months I've seen it all.
I think that's the hardest thing about my job: I have a life in Belgium and I have a life in NYC. And ones I'm here I miss New York and ones I'm there I miss Belgium...
Pffff... I think a person is just never satisfied.
New York , I miss you! X


  1. ceesie i'm going new york next year
    i wish you'd do a blog on all the best places, sights
    to see in new york :)

  2. Hi Cesar! Just wanted to tell you you're on my blog today!
    Take care and keep up everything you do because it's appreciated!

    Best wishes Lisa and Julia

  3. Hey, Cesar!!!, since you're so great at looking great and in shape, how about you tell us what you eat on an average daily basis, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and what you do for exercise when you go to the gym, please it would help us all and you're a great inspiration!!!

  4. I hope you get to come back to New York soon! It's very sad and misses you so much. I'm very sure of it. :)

  5. i live only three blocks from the flat iron building in the picture. when i first moved to nyc i would pass by it and it never really hit me that it was that famous building you always see in photographs. until one day i was going to meet a friend at Madison square park and saw people taking pictures of it and then it finally hit me that this was that famous building in magazines ... only after thinking for a minute in my mind why are these people taking pictures of?

  6. Dearest Cesar,

    New York has not been at all the same since you left. We had a very miserable hot summer while you were in Japan. I like you because you know how to cook and watch movies. I very much hope you can return to our little city soon. I am inconsolable at your long absence even though I only know your blog. I guess maybe you could send some more pictures of Belgium. I really love the pictures of old things in Belgium so much. Take care,

  7. you should come to munich for octoberfest.

  8. Dear Cesar,

    I like the new look of the blog!

  9. when you coming to hang in london??

  10. Dear Cesar,

    thank you for entertainig me so much with your wonderful blog! And - as someone has already said - post more pictures of Belgium, please!! I terribly miss it, Leuven/Brussels is my New York :P.
    And yes, you should defenitely come to the oktoberfest! xx