Sep 16, 2010

thank YOU

I just wanna say thank you to all The people that read and love my blog,
I'm so thankfull that it's such a success.
I've had more then 114'750 page views in total, from the moment I started my blog January 25th 2010 till Today, and every day at least 684 different people take a look at my page.
You all know you can't Rome without... CESAR!! ;-)



  1. Do you mean we can't rock without you??? :)

  2. Dear Cesar,

    Thank you for the kiss. I think that I like blogs and it is restful to read about things like the movies on your blog. I hope that you will come back to New York soon.

    You are sorely missed,


  3. Thank you for having such a interesting and fun blog!

  4. you're so wonderful! I love your positive attitude and how you acknowledge your readers like this! Thanks for your unique blog!! <3

  5. hahah yes, the pleasure is really all ours :D

  6. yes baby, give me that lips !

    *~passed out ~*

    I liked you, your blog, your tatoo, everything .
    And you share so many things in your life with us .
    Its very inspiring to read your blog sometimes , long live CESSIE BLOG!

  7. Babyyyyyyyy,
    it's so cool and nice, the way you're.
    Sweet kiss, kiss, kiss.

  8. is ceesie straight or gay??

  9. ^

    Does it matter? I saw this question being asked in every single model's thread.

    Ceesie being straight or gay is his own sexual preference.

    Ceesie is Ceesie, our beloved Ceesie, NOTHING will ever change ;)

  10. lol people are just curious of his sexual preference(: of course it doesn't matter if he's gay! right, ceesie?

  11. Aw, you're so adorable. Never change, César!

  12. vergeet de theorie niet hé vriendschap!!
    nog drie weken te gaan...
    ahja... ik ben dus ook één van die bijna 700 :)

  13. Dear Cesar,

    Another kiss to you.

    I hope all is well. You have not been blogging as much and I got worried.

    I was wondering if you had any movie recommendations? I need a good thriller.

    I was wondering if you liked to cook for other people as well as yourself?

    Cheers. I hope you are ok! Also I would like to hear more about Belgium and see more photos. I love finding out about where people are from. You don't seem to like the comics there, but maybe if you grew up there... it isn't so interesting. When was little, if I was good my Mom used to get me a small plastic smurf. Also I was not a fast beginner at reading, but the first thing I got really wild about which I thought was really an adult book was "Tintin in America." My and my friend Yuri used to get them at the library. Hope all is ok! xx

  14. I absolutely love your blog!It's amazing!:)haha and of course,no problemo;)but I think every Ceesie fan is thankful and grateful that you started this lovely blog!

  15. keep updating and we love you!

  16. Never stop your blog, it's so nice, you are so special!!!!
    love you!

  17. Love, Love, Love. You. Forever.