Sep 2, 2010

To twitter or not to twitter

To twitter or not to twitter? That's the question!
In America everybody has a Twitter account, but in Europe it's not that big.
A few months ago I made myself a twitter account but I don't really use it....
I don't see the fun and benefit of it.
I think facebook is so much better and more fun.
You can see pictures, leave comments,... and for me it's much easier to work with.
Today I checked my twitter and found out that Ceesie has 2 twitter accounts.
Hmmmm strange.
Apparently someone is pretending to be me on the Internet.
Bah! Just hate those people, a little freaky...
Anyway this is the FAKE one:
And this is the REAL one:

So from now on I've decided to use my twitter account more often just to be cool, to be hip, to be in fashion,to feel more American!


  1. I didn't think I would be addicted to it at first but then once you're in, it's almost impossible to get out. It's like a black hole... Only it's kind of fun because you can follow your favorite celebs, authors, directors, even companies.

  2. Babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy you're very sociable.

  3. Yuppie for Ceesie! Yay finally! Follow follow!

  4. I have a twitter account, but it's so boring... I rather tumblr, different things, I know but it's so cute :D

  5. you should make a tumblr! and do you actually accept friend requests on facebook?

  6. i like your latest tweet. it is john keats? i like it.

  7. i also hope that now that it is fall, they will release better movies in theaters and on i-tunes. i have been having lots of trouble finding something i want to watch.

  8. Babyyyyyyyyyyyyy I love you.

  9. yeah, you should make a tumblr! just for pictures, maybe. and that's so weird that the fake account has 250+ followers.

  10. NO DUDE! DON'T CONFORM! stick to updating your blog all the time! :D:D

  11. Twitter is boring if the people you follow are boring. Find cool people to follow and you can start a conversation.

    You can't start a conversation with a facebook fanpage, and you can only have 5000 friends on Facebook.

    Twitter is the ideal way to communicate with other fashionpeople and make a name for yourself.

  12. Cesar, I'm alrady on twitter. I think I'm followong you. Vincent Vadim.