Oct 13, 2010

Been by D'heygere

A friend of mine started her own Fashion collection a few months ago and I was thinking, why not support the Belgian girl?
After Stephanie graduated from the famous Fashion academy of Antwerp she did an internship @ Zac Posen NYC and worked for Jeremy Scott in LA.
She now started her own "leg wear" line, which Ceesie LOVES.
In one of my first posts I ever made on this blog I wrote about the fact that I HATE jeggings and to be honest... I still do. But these Jeggings/Leggings from "Been By D'heygere" are so original that I fell in love from the moment I saw them.
The prints are just funny/Crazy and original, just the way Ceesie likes it!
For more info where to get those A-mazing Leggings email the girls:


  1. So it is ok for me to wear my cucumber pants now..? Pineapple is my favorite kind of fruit and I don't think there will be an other guy in Stockholm wearing them, so I will order a pair right now :)

  2. love the pineapple leggings! hahaha i'll so wear them to school :D

  3. I love anyway I would just like to use it with a green skirt as pine-apple's real leaves...
    One flower one fruit! ^^

  4. I don't really like these leggings.
    Very simple choise, no fashion colours, unwearable.
    Try find your own style, more sexy.

    Cesar you never wear fruits on.

  5. Dear Cesar,

    You must have a pair of her leggings for yourself. You could use them to sleep in in you didn't want to wear them out.

  6. HAHAHAHAHA!!! Me wearing Jeggings? I don't think S-O

  7. The pineapples remind me of the latest Stella McCartney S/S 2011 collection, in which there were some dresses that's got fruit prints on them. Peculiar and lovely in their own way. I mean, those fruit prints can really create some great colors.

  8. Oh but Cesar,

    Jeggings for men are in style and you must be fashion forward! It will make you look more cool at the gym I'm certain. Disney's Peter Pan has green Jeggings! I saw this article which I thought it was urgent to point to:


  9. Everybody in Portsmouth, England wears Jeggings. I believe it's the most horrible fashion trend ever therefore I'm probably the only girl who still swears at my 7 for all mankind jeans etc. Don't care if that makes me out of fashion, not that I would look relatively good with it, but it just wouldn’t help my confidence.

    Although the pineapple print is really cool, it will certainly attract the right public that buys them. Stephanie is on the right track to become very famous, it's all about getting noticed in the fashion industry!