Oct 9, 2010


The other day I went to the MET museum... and noticed those museum watchers... Oh boy, i taught by myself: JESUS, this is definitely the most Boring job EVER!

Who wants to stand all day and watch people not touching the art or taking pictures of the paintings?

I would Die!

I kind of have respect for them though... But i would NOT have the patients to stand there all day and doing "nothing".

What do you guys think?


  1. the firs day have to be cool but the rest...

  2. Working class hero a job is a job!

  3. They are payed for doing nothing?
    Cool :)

  4. Babyyyyyy, you found a Muse.

    Besides those museums watchers,what else have you discovered at MET??????????

  5. maybe it's not that bad :)
    sometimes watching people is the most interesting thing to do. and this job provides you an opportunity to observe people without being misunderstood as a pervert!!

  6. Is it something I like it is to touch the art... especially beautiful art like the one in the Met.

  7. i would love to work at the met because i want to be surrounded by all the beauty. it wouldn't be boring to me because i would joke with people and mess with the tourists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!