Oct 27, 2010

New York against the world


  1. I <3 New York. You're so lucky you can live there.


  2. What do you mean by that? Mmm...

  3. " Cool " http://blogs.colette.fr/mandi/2010/10/22/new-york-against-the-world/

  4. Hiiiii Cesar,
    some questions about fashion:
    do you like the shows and who is your favorite designeur???
    and are you in Paris for the next Paris fashion-Week.
    Really eager to see you at some great shows like Chanel or Dior.
    Thank you.

  5. I think New York is quite confused because it is an Island and is not really sure how it fits with the United States. In the civil war it wanted to succeed from the Union as it didn't really see how it belonged to America. And it is also an old port city and originally Dutch so its a bit of a confused place. As a sea port and then airplane hub, it is closer to Europe than most of the United States especially with the UN although it is also very shaped by the poverty and later success of the many generations of people who came to America through here. I guess it also has somehow always captured peoples imaginations although it has such an odd configuration and can be inhospitable at times. So many people seem to really want to come here.

  6. Looks like a september 11th syndrom to me