Oct 22, 2010

NYC I miss you


  1. So beautiful I realy like your pictures! ;)

  2. Yes, NYC is like Paris,
    you fall in Love with it immediatly.
    Big cities have some irresistible attractive forces. After my first New-York tour,
    I even decided to leave for NYC for some years,
    but still Paris-addicted.

  3. Cesar, you have a really good eye for photographic composition! Do you like photography as a hobby?

  4. I just watched New York, I love you. You should too, if you're into that kind of movies.

  5. Ceesie if you miss new York so much maybe your home really is there

  6. I LOVE New York i Love You!
    such a good movie! :-)

  7. I know haha it's reall awesome! Actually I watched it because some time ago I watched Paris je t'aime for the first time. I liked it so much I had to watch it more than just once
    - I still love it more than New York I love you, have you watched that one too? I actually kind of hate watching movie "series" like that but I just love the cities of love series. I can't wait for the next one in Rio, they're palnning for it to come out this year - I hope it can warm my heart in this cold weather!