Oct 19, 2010

Old lady

On my flight back to Europe there was an old lady sitting next to me on the plane...
We started talking and after an hour I suddenly felt so sad.
The lady was telling me that living in NYC, when your that old, is very hard.
I always feel so sad watching all these older people walking around in a city where everything has to be quick, cool and young!
It makes me so angry when I see people honking there cars when an old lady wants to cross the street...
What I wanna say is : please be kind to the older people and respect them, one day we will be the same. Do I sound mellow now?
Oh boy I can't imagine an old Ceesie!!


  1. This was a really sweet post. I agree - I always try to think of how I'd want someone to treat my grandmother or grandfather if they were walking around NYC. Everyone should be mellow sometime, you know?

  2. U zult leeftijd heel goed ceesie!! zien hoe je jezelf houden gezonde lieden!

  3. Yea, I know right.
    Sometimes I think aging is such a scary thing. I'd kinda rather wanna live fast die young.
    Anyway, I think ppl who don't respect elders are inherently asshole. Just wait, karma's gonna get them and they are gonna get honked at when they are old.

  4. I understand you Anonymous, live fast die young, I think the same!
    But maybe getting old is nice...? no?
    Imagine all the adventures and all the things you will lurn when your turning older?
    Sounds Scary, Ceesie knows, but... we all turn older!

  5. Old people are so great~ I think even as I grow old I would want to treasure my childishness.

  6. I'd like to grow old, mentally.
    Not physically :(

  7. Once I have gone to theater with the grandmother. The old woman there played. The grandmother to me has told that this woman is very similar to it. Now the grandmother isn't present. I often go to this theater. I bear flowers to that elderly actress. She all time is surprised. I simply speak to it - thanks for all.
    A boy from Armenia

  8. Getting old is ugly, I can tell you. The worse is that you stay the same inside, and outside
    your body betrays you progressively.
    Please don't think about that now, just enjoy being, with all your five senses to the max.
    Carpe Diem !

  9. Although sometimes one ages and retains the appearance of being relatively young. And while I don't want to get wrinkles some people look good with them -- I mean men and woman. I think I look better now than I did when I was 23. Part of what happens I think it that you develop thinker skin and are less open to other people especially at my stage of life, my thirties, also you get a bit more gravity with age in demeanor even if you are a nutcase. But I noticed that after I was into about 28, I got a bit hardened and people knew not to bother me -- not because I looked so much older in face, but because I knew better how to be no nonsense. My Mom is quite old and I think it is kind of cool because another thing is that old people often have very cool fashion even if it is not what is in magazines, but I think often times I see an old person and get an outfit idea. People are terribly intolerant of the old although despite physical difficulties some old people can magnify positive interests. For instance, my mother likes to cultivate beautiful flowers even if she is a bit old to be moving around dirt. But she likes it and she does somehow get extraordinary roses that don't look like the type you would buy in the store. I think at this point in my life, if one is lucky to make it, certain people can age with elegance. It also just depends on how you look when you are young, how you will look when you are old.