Oct 12, 2010

Romeo and Juliet


  1. My favorite movie with DiCaprio ^^

  2. Dearest Cesar,

    This is too much. I am crying. I love Romeo and Juliet. I remember I cried a lot when I saw that one. I was madly in love with Leonardo Di Caprio. There is a great one from the sixties by Franco Zeffirelli, who is a bit of a camp icon -- the Italian directors can have the humor and attention to detail of your Vogue photo shoot. It is made in 1968 and it is a gorgeous production. I very much hope you will see it as I know you would absolutely enjoy and I also cried when I saw that one. xx

  3. Dear Cesar,

    This is the trailer for the 68 one:


  4. Babyyyyyyy, you're so romantic.
    where is your Juliet???
    You really need to fall in Love.
    Cesar in Love???? Interesting question.

  5. Hahahahaaa titanic don't say so! Jacks dies and she lives with out him her whole life...
    Here both of them are death ...
    Pahahaha not much better I guess but it was a mistake! =)

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