Oct 6, 2010

Wanna ride?

Ceesie loves Old timers...

This week I was walking in the West Village and suddenly I passed a garage full of old cars: Mercedes, Rolls Royce, Bentley's,...

The most beautiful cars you can imagine, all stored together in one little place.

I still don't have my license and to be honest I'm a little ashamed while I'm writing this... I just don't need it while I model.

Maybe I should get it when I'm back in Belgium, so i can do a road trip through America?

Imagine me driving that old white Mercedes all the way from the West to the East Coast... HOT!


  1. Dear Cesar,

    I don't know how to drive and I really love old cars of any sort too. I guess I would like to buy an old car and have someone drive me around. The interiors are beautiful.

  2. Dear Ceesie
    It's my first time writing on your blog but i've been reading it for quite some time now and i really like it! I would love for you to come to mexico (i'm from mexico) and i know you will love it, it's very different from europe and even more different than NYC. I know you'll love the real mexican food as well and about what you wrote of american people being nice, mexico is full of nice people.
    this video is form my state Sonora here in mexico, it has a lot of everything, i really hope you come here one day and if you need a tour guide or a translator or a friend here i am (:

  3. Link text
    cesar watch it please really please (:

  4. ja, ceesie. nice blog.......beware though those vintage cars like to break down alot. that would be cool though...

  5. Driving is overrated anyway. I prefer to walk. Cool picture.

  6. yeah, that's really funny, cause just yesterday(lucky Wednesday!) i got my driver's license!! yaahoo! at last! guys, it wasn't easy, i should say, but it's such a plasure right now!!
    P.S. Cesar, you gonna do it, i just know it...)

    CESAR, Rome, 55 before J.C.

  8. I like the car left behind the Mercedes – is it a Porsche? Oh yeah!!! Although the Pagode (it is, isn't it?) is great, too!

  9. HI Cesar!!
    Im a boy from Spain and one day i discovered ur blog and i must say that its amazing!
    i love everything about what u write!
    i think that know about a model life is so interesting..
    well i write you because today i was looking some web pages and suddenly i discovered a post about zara clothes for this season &the model WAS YOUU!hahahaha
    here is the page:

    Hope you're havin fun days in NYC!
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  10. Hey, Cesar!!!, since you're so great at looking great and in shape, how about you tell us what you eat on an average daily basis, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and what you do for exercise when you go to the gym, please it would help us all and you're a great inspiration

  11. Cessie, to be honest you are missing out on all the fun! You should totally get a license when you return to Belgium. I mean, I can't believe you haven't tried taking a road-trip through the US with all the time you spend there, but still - you're a model so the license is unnecessary (especially in NYC) and you don't have time for the trip.

    Hey, and if you ever do that trip, don't forget to bring Lucy, I love it when she's featured in your blog - she's just so beautiful and she seems like those awesome-awesome people I wouldn't mind hanging out with. I loved the Belgium-post with the two of you.

  12. Plath....i love you and your compliments! Cesar and I have way to many trips planned....and a road trip across my country is definitely one of them!!!

  13. yo cesar is that u on gq.com.if that aint u then ask yo mom if u have a twin.


  14. Today's cars are nothing compared to the good oldies. Especially a great MB or similar perfection. If you need a friend with license give me a call... ;)

  15. Dear Cesar,

    look at this: http://www.nytimes.com/slideshow/2010/10/10/automobiles/collectibles/20101010-packard.html

    I would like a car that old! It is interesting that people do get extremely excited by cars.

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