Nov 3, 2010


Today I wanna talk about water...
As you all know, Ceesie LOVES water and drinks a lot of it.
( I try to drink 2 liters of water a day )
Today I started an argument with someone in a bar. I asked the waiter what brand of water they serve and his answer was "water is water, so just water!"
I was like... "ohh well, I don't think S-O!" and started an argument with the dude.
For Ceesie water is not just water. Every brand has his own flavor.
Some have a more metallic or a more salty taste.
My favorite water is Evian. I think it taste the best and they have really handy 1 liter bottles.
So if someone thinks that water is just water... YOU'RE WONG!


  1. well i drink 2 liters everyday but, i don't feel specialy good. :S

  2. OMG water is like my favourite drink ever! Friends say that I'm crazy because water doesn't have any taste but they are wrong. Evian is quite good but I prefer Borjomi water.

  3. You are right water is the best thing in earth!!!
    The taste is delicius realy delicious I love Evian! But sometimes I drink those that have Mg because I'm girl...
    We all need water cause we are water ;)

  4. I LOVE water, I drink min 3 liter a day and it's the first and last thing I do when I start/ finish my day. It's the only thing I drink, and always Evian. I love to call it my Champagne ;) People who think water is 'just' water, definitly don't have taste and represent an unhealty lifestyle.

    Many people don't understand how I can come throug the day without coffee or other discusting drinks. I'm always happy and full of energy !! And guess what, I'm proud when I drink water :)

    And Ceesie, It's nice you're also found of Evian :)

  5. Of course,
    "Water is water",
    just like,
    all Ice-creams are ice-creams,
    all Champagnes are champagnes,
    all Chocolates are chocolates,
    and all wines are all wines.
    Too funny.

  6. All people are people! =)

  7. and all anonymous are anonymous!!!

  8. Nice teeth. I'd love to kiss you...

  9. What's that sweatshirt/pullover? Love it!

  10. Even I'm a man, I'd kiss you too.

  11. Oh boy, you make me laugh hard ! What an adorable thing you are, really.

  12. Good Post...I like it.
    I've a question for u..
    Do you like the bottle stopper?? hahah...
    Greetings, man!


  13. MMMMM water! Ik drink het altijd, mijn favoriet blijft toch wel SPA... En daarna chaudfontaine en bru!

    xxx Afrodite

  14. Dear Cesar,

    I drink lots of Evian as well. I always have 2 crates of it behind my desk.

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  16. you know, actually bottled water is the same as taped, and drinking water from plastic bottles isn't very healthy.
    you should watch the documentary 'Tapped' on YouTube

  17. You are such an idiot