Nov 5, 2010


Ceesie is proud to be a cancer.
Out off all the sign I would not wanna be another one.
For me cancers are the best!
Generally, the Cancer sign are considered to be socially compatible with the other water signs, Pisces and Scorpio.
Here are some traditional
Cancer traits:
-Emotional and loving
-Intuitive and imaginative
-Shrewd and cautious
-Protective and sympathetic

On the dark side:

-Changeable and moody
-Overemotional and touchy
-Clinging and unable to let go

I can see myself in every trait. I have a lot of other cancer friends and I think that we all have these things in common. funny no?
I don't really know if I believe in astrology, but when I read a newspaper I always go to the last page to check up on my horoscope. SO I guess Ceesie does believe.


  1. that's cool, but...why that picture?

  2. Woehoe, ik ben ook een kreeft^^. En als ik zo de karaktertrekken overloop, is het precies of ik naar mezelf kijk :-D

  3. The main traits of your charecter are determined
    by the fact that you're born in 1988.
    It's the year of the Dragon.
    Look at Dragon-Cancer combination.

    Most powerful and lucky signes with fiercy energy, intelligent and tenacious, knows exactly what it wants and is determined to get it.
    Possess a certain natural, charming charisma, ensures influence and always in the center of attention.
    Blessed and very lucky in love!!!! (Are You Cesar????)
    Have a good chance of achieving considerable material wealth during their lifetimes and money is Sign's main motivation.
    Quite opportunists.
    Sometimes Dragon is sad sick.

  4. OMG! You are Cancer I'm afraid cause I love them all they are kind...
    I'm not proud of my sign Virgo is very serious and is not kite easy to be one...
    Astrology doesn’t know! But when you see the influence of the moon on water is amazing to see how the full moon attracts it...
    Life begins in water and when you see it all begins at the same time as moon appears! Coincidence? Don't think so is physique...
    How ever I don't read the last page of news papers but what to believe that there is something somewhere...

  5. Dear Cesar,

    I believe in astrology so much I get afraid to check my horoscope. I thought that you might be a cancer because you like cooking and are seem to be good at daily life. In some ways I am very much like my sign Sagittarius, but I am born on an odd Sagittarius day and I don't think I am as wild as my sign is supposed to be although I know I'm capable of it. I like Sagittarius because it is a centaur and has a bow and arrow and it is crazy like a horse. It also depends on your moon sign and the year you were born and the place you were born and on your rising sign. You need to get your chart done most likely but it can turn out to be very upsetting.

  6. My sign is Sagittarius,
    born on 21 december 1990, year of a Horse.
    Double horse sign.
    "Crazy Horse" Paris.

  7. ceesie do you have any brothers or sisters?

  8. no he doesn't,he is my only child to my regret!

  9. Hii Mama,
    as I know, Cesar is your first adopted son.
    I wish you to be my Mom too.
    So ready for adoption.

  10. Oh god Vincent makes my fell fear! Would like some strange person pick my mother...
    Only child too!!!

  11. I WOULDN'T!!! I mean ...

  12. Cesar, may I ask you something.
    Do you really have a tongue piercing????

  13. Fine Ceesie, your sun is in Cancer, but what about the other planets in your sky ? What sign is in your moon (the one planet that masters your emotions)? What kind of elements fullfill your houses ? Air ? Earth ? Water ? Fire ? You should get a whole analysis of your birthsky and you'll see you're much more than what you think.

  14. astrology is pseudo-science.
    those characteristics can be true for everybody, not only your sign.