Nov 1, 2010


Ceesie had the worst Halloween EVER in his life.
NO dress up party, NO candy, NO pumpkins and NO scary movies... NADA!
Over the last 4 years I've celebrated Halloween in a different City: Seoul, NYC, LA,... And this year I was in my home city Gent. And I have to say, never again!
We Belgians don't really celebrate Halloween. pfff... Sad and stupid.
This year I wanted to dress up as an Indian, let's safe it for next year!
A pic of my Halloween costume from last year, while I was in LA:

You know you can't Rome without Cesar! ;-)


  1. haha do you mean indian? that's cool.. and i'm sure had you looked hard enough there were clubs that celebrated halloween and people dress up and party, no?

  2. are you from Belgium? So do you speak french or german?

  3. At Pedro:

    Cesar's native language is Dutch, so no French and no German. But he probably speaks it as well :)
    Sorry, that I answered the question and not Cesar, I didn't mean to be rude.

  4. Well this was my worst time ever too!

  5. ohhh I totally understand - I was 3 weeks in NYC and saw all the preparations for halloween and now back in Berlin: nothing is going on... :-D
    btw: this picture is hot ;-) xoxo

  6. Hi Pedro,
    really so interesting is your blog.
    Unfortunatly, I don't speak spanish or portugal to read the articles, but still can understand the half of the meanings.
    So interesting. Really nice photoes. Great.
    Where are you from???
    Hii Cesar, a lot of interesting people on your blog.

  7. what a stunning photo!

  8. Dear Cesar,

    Are you dressed as a Greek in the picture? I would like it if you always dressed Greek. It would be a relief from contemporary life. Anyway you really ought to come back to New York.

  9. Zeg. Worst Halloween in u leven. En al de jaren voor datter zonder Cesar kon ge-romed worden?;)Kwestie van een beetje dramatisch te doen :P ;)

  10. wij vieren ieder jaar halloween :]
    in een dunbevolkt stadje, een eng stadje o:
    with a lot of candy and scary movies.