Nov 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Julia

Ceesie had a memorable night on Friday...
I got invited to Julia Restoin Roitfeld's birthday party.
Location: Indochine restaurant NYC.
Perfect party, perfect location and the perfect crowd.
Let's be honest what more do you want on your B-day party?


  1. Is that Lara? You look so sweet...
    Flor =)

  2. Such a beautiful couple!!!!

  3. You're a special guest Cesar. For sure.
    And it's really important.
    Lara looks great and B-party was amazing, I imagine.

  4. Seems like fun, you should've taken more pics for us to see ;) Julia's dress seems a bit spectacular, and somehow it doesn't make her look, at all, like her completely beautiful self. I hope she had the most awesome birthday party ever. Also, I'm thinking, where's the pic of the BIG birthday cake? She can't be the only one having some.

  5. happy birthday to julia!
    i am loving the pictures, so cute -- are you planning on posting more of them for us? ;-)
    you know it would be great if you posted a picture of what you wore that night or made outfit posts sometimes :D!

  6. is that anja in the second picture?

  7. My god, Anja, I love her so much.
    I met her once in front of the Grand Palais,
    after Chanel show, I just took her photo.
    And Carine, I really appreciate her too much.
    Very professional.
    Thank you Cesar, for sharing the beatifull events with your readers.
    You look great of course, as always.

  8. Oh Cesar,

    How glamorous! You see you must stay in New York. My friend saw you at the gym today.


  9. Dear Cesar,

    I have decided to get married to you. I think it makes a lot of sense because I guess I do need a man and you know how to do things like cook and I think there must be other things you know how to do. I don't know how to do to many things myself. Also you like to watch movies and I love to watch movies. Also I like Daft Punk, Lady Gaga and Madonna too. And I guess through reading your blog I have come to appreciate Leonardo Di Caprio. Also I have decided I would like to go to Belgium too and I would probably like Ghent as if as you say it isn't too exciting that is just fine for me.


  10. I guess my one skill is that I am very passionate and emotional and I am good at cuddling.


  11. Girls are so funny.
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  12. Is that Lara Stone?
    I'm so proud that she is Dutch, just like me hihi!

  13. Such a lucky boy! :)