Nov 10, 2010

I'm in Miami B*tch

Ceesie was in Miami for 3 days and had a blast!

Miami is one of my favorite holiday destinations.

When I think of Miami I think of:

-Sea,sex and sun

-Will smith

-white convertibles

-Chicks with big boobies who are rollerblading

-muscled guys

-seafood and a white beach with palm trees!

The first time I went to Miami was about 4 years ago. My mom and stepdad booked a holiday (Miami -> NYC) as a present for my 18Th birthday.

It was an unforgettable holiday.

Maybe because it was the first time America for me? Or maybe because I just turned 18?

Anyway... The 3 days of my stay in Miami where again, amazing.

Hotel was great. Food was nice. Did a fun shoot. Went jogging on ocean drive and spent some time at the beach by myself.

I had a short but great trip in the sun.

Ceesie's batteries are reloaded and ready I am for the winter!

Next stop: New York City! :-)


  1. You shall ask a sexy girl to take a picture of you/with you!So that we can see u...
    Love u Flor

  2. Dear Cesar,

    If only I could be the camera that took this picture. I love your cute red shorts and I see some very pretty toes and feet in the distance.


  3. Hiiii Cesar,
    Miami, It's great, have a nice holidays.
    I've never been there.
    Even it scares me, a lot of crazy people all together.
    Strange and unusual place. Something different.
    Too much sex and drugs and ladies.
    But still very beautufull coast and wonderful sunny views.

  4. Cesar... A little while ago I realized that I've never been to your Twitter page and decided to go there a few seconds ago. Paying a visit to that particular page made me realize that I could have opened it somewhere else without knowing what would welcome me :P Anyways, the girl looks very relaxed - perhaps you should tell the story about your background (Twitter) picture because it doesn't seem like a picture that would pop out of the blue.

  5. Whoa, crotch shot! The ocean looks beautiful. I miss summer.

  6. Dear Cesar,

    Are you going to be in New York for a while or is it just a brief visit?