Nov 27, 2010

only child

Ceesie loves the fact that he's an only child.
When I was a kid I always refused my parents to make me a brother or sister.
I still don't know why... Maybe cause I would have been to jealous? or maybe I was just afraid to not get enough attention? but probably for not getting as much presents anymore! ;-)
I just like it and I think I would not be Ceesie if I would have any siblings.


  1. Hahahahaaa egoiste!!!
    I think that I'm as egoiste as you I never wanted to have siblings...
    Sometimes i wish I was alone in my own world!!!

  2. Would you live with 3 siblings =DD i have 3 and im happy with it =DD

  3. ahahahah cute. but you know, having siblings isn't all that bad. it can be really fun! plus, doesn't it feel lonely being an only child?

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  5. I always wished to be an adopted only child in a family, to fell more special,
    like a super child with 2 moms and dad.

  6. That's also my point of vieuw ...
    I am the 3rd kid of my parents , but anyway not 1 was born after me haha

  7. Hej cesar ,

    Very nice blog . easy and pleasant to read .

    My question : can you put something online about your hair products (routine) ?

    ps : What we do in life echoes in eternity ! :d

  8. I'm an only child, too! Hehehe.
    I enjoy the exclusive attention I get but then sometimes I wish I have a brother or sister whom I can share secrets with and be in a little "conspiracy" in against our parents hehe. At least I'd have someone to support my argument, that is, if my sibling sides with me.

  9. Dear Cesar,

    I think I am going to the Chelsea Piers at some point. My Dad is an only child and he is like a huge baby. However I am not really doing so developmentally well myself -- hence my long overdue trip to Chelsea Piers which is my Thanksgiving resolution. I need to exercise for my mind.

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  11. Does only child mean Only One in general???
    You really feel so special, the One,
    and you underline your unique origins as well.
    It's great.
    That's really true.