Dec 1, 2010

All Models are ... CRAZY

I just realised that most models are all crazy in the coconut!
But why?
Ceesie thinks it's because we are traveling around the world from a young age. We are also very spoiled and most of the time alone. Models don't really have a home home, and we don't live a regular life like most people do.
We spend most of our time with fashion people and most people who work in fashion don't have a "normal" life/job, my opinion.
The fashion business is weird: To vain and there is nothing intellectual about it.
I don't think there is anything wrong with being crazy.
Ceesie himself is also a "little" wacky and that's what makes us all unique in our own way!
I LOVE craziness! ;-)


  1. ik heb je vandaag gehoord en gezien op radio2 bij de madammen !! coooool !!! kusjes uit limburg xxx

  2. Dear Cesar,

    I am really excited to hear that you are crazy as I definitely know I am. This does mean that we could be married. I really must get my lazy body to the gym. Yes, I did think that Cesar just left home after college and came to this huge city and I did wonder how crazy it must be to go from being a child to meeting Steven Klein. Although I am really funny looking and short, I was tapped to model, but I feel very funny when my picture is taken.

  3. Crazy is interesting. The more outrageous, the better.

  4. funny, i can't really imagine you being THAT crazy! why don't you post up a video of you with your friends being nuts, or something? (:

  5. yeah! i don't think i even know how cesar's voice even sounds like.. O_O

  6. i second that! post a video of yourself, cesar! :D

  7. We want to see you going crazy!!! :O)

  8. Cesar, you're a bit wrong.
    You may read some books about fashion history, art and culture.

  9. When you live life at it's fullest it's normal lol

    btw aanvaard men vriendschapsverzoek opfacebook eens :D ^^

  10. Dear Cesar,

    In addition to being crazy and a Cancer, who is good at things like food, although moody, I was hoping that you might be handy -- like if you knew how to do things around the house? And also are you into healing crystals?

    I had a really weird horoscopic day?

  11. Well, somebody has definitely got a crush on you (person with the dear Cesar comments). Haha, you say models are crazy, well Cesar, you're not at the top yet, it only gets crazier the higher you get up. Some are able to stay "sane". But some just like the attention that comes with being a public figure and therefore they tend to become media-"whores". I mean look at Naomi, it seems like every-time we're about to "forget" her, she does something "exciting". And as it is all people are crazy, I don't think there's such thing as normal.

    Haha, everybody's wanting you to post a video of yourself just so they can hear what you sound like. That would be sooooo exciting Cesar, then we could all hear if you have an accent or not.

  12. i've heard ceesies voice!
    i watched a video from were a girl is asking questions to him and mark cox.
    and ceesie sounds normal :) just how a belgium boy should sound like.

  13. well thats fine, just dont go hit someone upside the head with a blackberry like that crazy bitch

  14. Crazy bitch Noami Campbell. Ridiculous post.
    Take care of your head from flying blackberries.