Dec 12, 2010

Proud to be a Belgian

Ceesie is proud to be born in the Kingdom of Belgium.
I think Belgium is a great country, although we're small we have everything we need: nice city's, a sea, history, nature, fashion and good food.
Maybe the weather is not always the best but that makes us more happy when we go for a sunny holiday. ;-)
The other thing that I love about being a Belgian is the fact that we speak 3 or more languages and that our accent isn't that horrible if we take a little bit of practice.
Most people from my country speak French, Dutch and English, it's just a base we learn when we grow up.
Another thing I love is that we don't have any enemies, I think that we Belgians are always more than welcome in every country we go to.



  1. Het is zo mooi om te zien, dat je een leven hebt waar bijna elke jongere van droomt en toch blijf je jezelf.
    You go Cesar!


  2. je ne savais pas que tu parlais français. j'adore ton blog hihi. :-)

  3. I love Belgium, especially too now for bringing me my Kipling/Peter Pilotto shopping bag!:)


  4. You can take the train and everything changes in less than ten minutes...
    Where people can talk several langages they say what they think not rudes, not polites and no hipocrites! They are so real too me!!!
    Would the world be the same without you don't think so!!!
    Cessie prince de la flandre et de la wallonie

  5. That is real to me!

  6. brussels.. one of the nicest cities i#ve ever lived in

  7. So jealous of the effortless multilingual skill.
    Americans have to like...learn a second language in high school, which they will forget upon graduating.
    So in the end, all we know is American :(

  8. helemaal met eens

  9. oooo! Mooi gezegd, fijne blog heb je!

    Sophie (van Brugge ;)

  10. vive la Belgique !

  11. Dear Cesar,

    Someday I hope to join you in Belgium as your butler, errant housekeeper and incompetent provider of all your needs, but I have an off subject question. What does one do in a situation where one must choose between the needs of fashion and inclement weather. For instance, what shoes does one wear in a snowstorm?

  12. I wish I came from such a country. I grew up in one very much like yours. It's just wonderful, the only bad thing, is that our language sucks, so we learn at least two new languages in order to understand others than our selves. I know 4 languages now, so, for me, it's really awesome.

    Well, I hope you're having a great time Cesar. Up to anything fun lately?
    - oh, and btw, if I ever end up in Belgium, will you give me a tour of the beautiful country?

  13. it is fantastic that you are proud of yor kingdom !:) have you ever been in Poland? if not you should! i think that you will like my country !:)

  14. You are awesome! Wish I could meet you! Kom is langs in Leuven! X

  15. ehwel .. dit doet me plezier dat jonge mensen toch nog van België houden ! Het siert je jonge man !