Dec 22, 2010

shut up, I wear heels bigger then your dick

Yesterday I was looking for some funny pictures on my laptop and suddenly I found this one.
It's from the French Vogue shoot I did this summer and I think it's just HILARIOUS to see myself wearing 10 cm high heels. Girls RESPECT, walking in high heels is not as easy as it seems!! But me, mean Ceesie , always tells his girlfriends to wear high heels when we go out partying. I just thinks that every girl looks much sexier with a pair of heels on.
So I guess that those who wants to be beautiful must suffer? ;-)


  1. Sorry, Ceesie, but your heels are far from 10inches height. They might be 10cm, but definitely not 25.4cm(which is 10inches) ;P Still they suit you a lot. ;)

  2. High heels I love,
    feel more comfortable just for ten minutes.
    The Sexest Man Ever.

  3. great headline for this context!

  4. haha I just love this pic! you are amazing!!

  5. No pain, no game !

    Hurt like hell, but amazing sexy ;)

  6. You B!TCHHH... I was waiting so long for a new post! :'(

  7. Wow! that heels suits you better than many girls i know!hahaha
    Im new in the blogger "world" so if you want to take a look of my blog.. =)
    Continue this way cause ur unique!

  8. :DD finally a man agrees that heels are killers sometimes. But yeah I think girls should wear heels. The higher the better.

  9. Cess, you look much more better on heels,
    than any famous top model girls.

    and on the other hand,
    of course no man in a world could fit as well and wear heels like you.

    The photo itself is so special, great,
    so elegant, so nice, so chic and glamorous.
    So French.

    And I imagine you have a lot of more beautifull photoes of you on your laptop than we can see on Vogues and other fashion magazines.

    Really exciting. xxx.
    I don't really want to buy Vogue-Paris anymore.

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  11. I like high heels for man's shoes,
    like I wear one on a photo, Jean-baptiste Rautureau,
    heely Holey Zip Boot,
    Saturno Blanc, 6 cm high.

  12. OMG!!! I wouldn't have a rendez vous avec a man who wear heals... X)

  13. Dear Cesar,

    I really wish you would wear that to the Chelsea Piers. You look like a lesbian nurse who is a dominatrix, but also a man. It is super hot.

  14. I think I actually find the picture exciting. Oh no...

  15. Happy new year !! u look good in heels :D