Dec 19, 2010

Winter wonderland

I think I'm falling in love with the winter...
My city has never looked so pretty and peaceful.
It hasn't stopped snowing for over 2 weeks now and there is still more snow coming our way!! We never had so much diamond dust since 1945.
What's going on with the weather and the world? Makes me a little scared.
But I guess there's nothing we can do about it, so let's just enjoy this unusual weather.



    you made it to NYMAG's the Cut's slideshow of best carine roitfeld french vogue moments !

  2. I admit, Ghent is even more wonderful covered in snow. Love your blog by the way!

  3. Oh,

    It looks exceptionally beautiful!!!

  4. Raquel Moreno FrisbyDecember 20, 2010 at 3:23 AM

    cesar casier! im maddd! you haven't posted anything decent these past few days and i'm out of school now and have nothing else to do who do you think you are to not post anything??? huh? just kidding hope you get more time off so i can hear more from you. (:
    hope you're enjoying your holidays where ever you are! take care ceessie XX
    with lovee

  5. Merry Christmas!!!!!
    Winter is so beautiful this year.

  6. Merry Christmas cesar! hope that christmas will be as you wish it. I've never experienced snowy weather but i guess that it must be nice
    especially in the context of Christmas. In my country, Mauritius, the weather is the opposite of yours because temperatures are quite high here.

  7. We could use some snow here in the SF Bay. It's so cold, there might as well be snow! (Instead, it's raining like no other.)

  8. While Ghent is snowing, LA is raining like it never had before. I hate the rain, it's driving everyone insane because it just makes doing things outdoors so damn difficult.
    Anywhooos, happy holidays Ceesie!

  9. I realy like your pictures both of them are amazing!!! About the weather we should do something about it seems to be nice right now but imagine 10º of difference!
    What is scary is that in nature nothing is linear so we must be careful and conscious of what we do is like going to the gym :)

  10. over here, it's been snowing all day so everywhere is literally covered in snow! i truly find it beautiful though i experience winter every year! gotta love the beauty of pure white snow!