Jan 3, 2011


Every time a new year starts there is mens fashion week coming up...
Fun?? I don't know!
I haven't done the shows for 2 seasons now and I think I'm more then ready to give it another shot. Why not?
To be honest Ceesie is not such a big fan of fashion weeks and I think most male models are not very pro fashion weeks. Fashion week to me equals: stress/walking around in the cold/running late for a casting/ being on the wrong subway line and the most annoying thing of it all is the waiting, waiting and again waiting.
Don't get me wrong, fashion week is not only bad there are also fun thing about it! ;-)
We have amazing parties, you get to see all your friends models. It's also a great time cause your busy from the morning till late at night and you get to know the city very well. But for Ceesie the most fun thing is when you've walked in a good show you just feel very proud and happy about yourself... But first you have to be on the runway, so castings here I come!


  1. OMG!!!!!, I'm so excited to see you walk. Please do a great walk, its great for publicity to see you in shows, then people could see your walk. I haven't seen it since Dior Homme!...please update us with details about your runway stuff. I can't wait to see you on Youtube!...sincerely Miguel Nalbandian...

  2. Best of luck!! There's no such a thing as Cesar overflow.

  3. good luck in castings! My sister hates castings for the same reason WAITING! so I guess it really sucks.

  4. Hello Cesar! I am a young and aspiring male model... I am 6 ft and I think I have the right body for this it! But, I have a question, how much money does an average, new face earn per runway show/editorial? I really hope you'd answer to this, that'll help me out alot! :) - Ed

  5. That is great so while you wait you can take pictures/ makes videos for us...
    We want to see your model friends!!! While you do that I will be studing not much either...
    Love u flor

  6. good luck with your castings! after only seeing that polaroid of shot you (though i've probs seen you on runway shots), i'm sure you'll do well! don't forget to have fun!

  7. So it s official that u ll be doing Milan f.week what are the shows?? C.U.R.I.O.S.!!!!