Jan 27, 2011


Guys, there is a new IT-bag on the market!!
As my blog just turned one year YOUNG, Ceesie couldn't let it go by unnoticed.
So I asked my good friend, who studies graphic design in Gent, to make me 10 cotton canvas bags.
The "You know you can't Rome without cesar" - bags are very limited and very exclusive. ;-)
I'm planning on giving them to my closest friends, who have supported me throughout the years and who have given me so much love.
Hope you like them SJATZIES!


  1. I loveee your white bag made cotton! :)
    Bag Bac Back

  2. He is super nice this bag. Your friends will be very happy to receive it. A beautiful gift.

  3. gimme gimme... it's my birthday :)

  4. Fucking awesome. It has the same font and everything!

  5. OMG! That's friggin' awesome! I'd really love to get one of those, but I don't really think I count as one of your closest friend.
    It would be so awesome to have one of those because no one would really get it - except for your blogreaders and friends.
    I kinda thought you were having a giveaway, when I saw the bag - but I guess we'll save that for some other good times. btw. how's Lucy? We haven't seen her on your blog for a while.

  6. Lucy is good! I'll ask her to answer your question herself ;-)

  7. I've only been reading your blog for a few weeks, but I'm already so addicted! Your posts are all so cute and filled with your personality. :)

    I'm graduating high school and I'm going to have my birthday soon. A bag pour moi? ;) hahaha!

  8. Dear Cesar,

    I really love the little bag and you look so cute with it. The Cesar Salad anniversary has me very emotional. I have known your blog for a year. Oh Cesar...

  9. hehehheeh mass-produce 'em!

  10. Hi EVERYONE!! I just received a phone call from Cesar in Belgium and he is coming back to me in snowy NYC. Looking forward to our weeks together.....If it wasn't work we would probably spend all of our time together.

    And....I will DEFINITELY be getting one of these bags!!!

    xx Lucy. Pictures soon to come of us in the city together!

  11. <3 haha the bag's in business! ;)

  12. Dear Cesar,

    After thinking seriously about it for a few days. I really want a bag! You should make some extra so that your devoted fans can show off their bags perhaps provoking questions and comments from their friends.


  13. Also please set aside an x-tra Casier too. Because might also fancy a Casier.