Jan 23, 2011

Paris Je T'aime

Ceesie is for 2 days in Paris and everytime again I love the city more and more.
Paris just makes you feel so chic and expensive.
Even when your lonely or sad you just walk around in the city of love and you feel like walking in a fairytale.
Paris your even better then a pain au chocolat.


  1. does your family also call you ceesie? cute name^^
    btw how do you pronounce ceesie?

  2. I understand you, because I live in Paris. This city is magical. The photo is very beautiful.

  3. J'aime la colombe de la paix! Pahahahaaa...

  4. Of Course,
    Paris is so beautifull,
    but lonely and sad as well.

    I just took some photoes of Paris recently.
    Take a look,on my blog.
    You'll like it so much.

  5. What a coincidence, I'll be in Paris from Friday to Sunday. Looking forward to the little escape...

  6. I love Paris too. I am coming to join you. I thought the other day that Paris is the only city in the world that still at times has the feeling of some sort of demimonde.