Feb 1, 2011

I want

People say money cant buy happiness but I don't think that's a hundred percent correct.
I think money helps you being more happy in life and it makes life much easier.
So if I would have all the money in the world, I would buy all these things and I'm sure it would make Ceesie a much happier men:

This amazing house with swimming pool.

Ceesie loves a Range Rover.

A home cinema.

A private yet, would make traveling much easier ;-)

And I would buy an amazing apartment in NYC, Paris and Gent.

Dream on Dream!!


  1. I LOVE the first photo. The pool looks so nice and the view too! X

  2. ja en ik wil dat voor u zodat ik in u appartement kan logereren haha :)
    ik koop vandaag 6 win for life lotjes :)

  3. what gorgeous desires!!!
    the last photo looks amazing.

  4. you are already blessed with a lot of beauty ;)
    who needs money if you can have beauty.

  5. well, I'm happy you can't afford this stuff .. considering the world wide climate situation private jet and land rover might not be the best investment

    and i thought you would earn a fortune with modeling?!
    now i am confused......

  7. I want it all too! And happiness too!

  8. You have a gorgeous heart, and gorgeous aspirations! I think we should get married and have little doggies in Monaco. HAHA!

  9. Hiii Cees, how ar'you???
    It's too simple I think,
    you just need to win Euromillion one very happy friday.
    I've already decided to play often.
    Already thought about all these nice things,
    and maybe if I try,
    I have a chance within 150 000 000 000 millions
    too win a great amout of money.
    without your famous pills who bring so much happyness, I still feel so happy for myself.
    Wish You Good Luck and God Bless You.

  10. Dear Cesar,

    I hope you become very rich although I think it is not an either or. One can be happy and poor or desperately unhappy and rich. The ease would certainly be a relief although I find hyper rich people worry about money almost as equally although they can conceptualize the discomfort of being completely without it.

  11. Like Blair Waldorf said:

    Who ever said money doesn't buy happiness didn't know where to shop.

    The apartment on the last picture is to die for!

    x Krizia


  12. Did you heard what Rob Matts said about that?

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