Feb 13, 2011

Whole foods

Is there any better supermarket then Whole foods?
I don't think S-O.
For me Whole foods is the sh*t.
When I'm in NYC I go almost every day grocery shopping. I just love to walk around and watch and explore all different kinds of food. Everything there is so healthy and organic, which I love.
And they have the best dried mango's!
Whole foods your the best.


  1. I think that I like ‘cause you love good food! That seems really great well to eat the real yumies…

  2. We don't have whole food here but I love going to outdoor markets in the summer and I love cooking!

  3. trader joes is cheaper and its on corner of 6ave and 23 and still has good quality!!!! and there is another one on 14th street next to union square that is lager... you should try it :)... better than morton (poopoo) williams