Mar 14, 2011

London's callin

Ceesie is in London and is LOVIN it!
I was never such a big fan of the British city but I have to say it all changed.
I'm here a week now and I'm slowly loving the city more and more.
I just think it's a little to big and to spread out, especially when your doing castings all the time. I'm spending more time underground then above. lol
I also still need to get used about the fact that people are driving on the other side of the road...
I got almost hit 8 times!!! H-E-L-P!!


  1. Hello stranger! That makes fell like closer the movie remember?

  2. haha, when I was in London I had the exact same problem
    It's sooo confusing

  3. hahahahahaha this is very good

  4. Dear Cesar,

    It would be very funny to see you driving in London. Be sure to wear a sporty British motoring outfit.

    Also Cesar you have not explained the Belgium crisis. Ghent is Flemish? I think the Belgians should stay together. I love you.

  5. Dear Cesar,

    Also I think it has been a very good month for the blog. I like the regularity of the posts. Being a creature of habit, I get anxious when you miss a post.

    more kisses