Mar 26, 2011


inspiration for the boys:

Inspiration for the girls:


  1. I love the sartorialist... almost as much as I love your blog. I hope you are doing well. Take care, Cesar!

  2. amazing photos <3 the cookies xx share the feeling

  3. Cees, have you ever met Natalia Vodianova???
    On castings or somewhere????
    She is absolutly Gorgeous.
    I just met her really by chance, this winter, in january, in Paris, walking alone in the street.
    I could hardly beliave that to be posssible. She was so beautifull.
    I just asked her directly what I thought,
    if she was really Natalia Vodianova????
    She laughted quietly and said yes:"I'am".
    She was so pleased looking at my astonishment.
    I just said that meeting her really by chance was so incredible and wished her very nice day.
    That was so great. Unbelivable.