Apr 18, 2011

GaGa on the wall

Ceesie went to visit his friend who works at V magazine in Soho today.
When I walked into the office I saw this wall full of Lady GaGa drawings, which are all amazing and unique. A few weeks ago the magazine did a drawing contest and this is the result of all the best pictures that came in.
Even tough I'm a little over the Lady GaGa madness I still think it was fun to see all the crazy GaGa moments captured on one wall. And while I was looking at all of them I thought: There is really just one person who is born this way.


  1. Today everyone thinks like a star. Agree,Cessie, that the only star - Michael Jackson.

  2. I think I like Gaga I don't love her just like it! Everybody has a style like Michael Jackson was a star even for me....
    However, I think that might have limits playing strange games with children made him lose all the bright and for me is forgettable that you must know how act and react!
    There a few star and you just know them at the end of their lives so Gaga would have to keep on working! ;)

  3. There is a nice drawing et your left down is like a Flower! But what relation with Gaga?
    No idea!!!

  4. omg i saw you on a poster for TBOX in istanbul.amazings ads!

  5. they should put Britney on the wall