May 12, 2011

Coffee break

Ceesie just broke his own coffee break record!
I haven't had a coffee for over a month now...
I don't really know why I did this coffee break thing.
Maybe to be more "healthy"? or maybe just to challenge myself?
But being in Milan I just can't resist the best cappuccino's in the world.
How come that they are so good here? That's a question I'm asking myself for over 3 years now... I mean... I travel the world, but there is just no better place then Italy to drink cappuccino's.
Am I right or am I right?


  1. looks delicious! Dont think I could ever go without coffee! I need my boost in the morning!

  2. Haha, something's in the and me are going through a tough divorce. Keep it up C.

  3. Come to Peru, We have TUNKY the best organic coffee in the world xD

  4. Yessssssssssssss Italians re the best!!N we have the best food,girls and yup also Cappuccino!!

  5. I love cappuccinooo! that looks awesome!

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  6. i don't really love coffee but i think i'm gonna make an except

  7. Try Bianco Latte next time you're in Milan!

  8. Bianco Latte @ Milano

    Café Labath @ Gent