Aug 18, 2011


Ceesie cant imagine a world without a best friend, but as I'm growing older I've become more and more realistic about the idea that friendship changes and evolves and your best friend today may not be your best friend tomorrow.
I guess it's just the way it goes... people change, your life changes and your intrests in life change.
When I was a teenager I always thought that the friends I had back then would stay my friends forever and ever. But time shows that's all just an illusion.
Not every friendship is forever.
Sad to say, but I guess that's the way it goes.


  1. I hope ur best friend is not crying, right now...

  2. So true even thought you can still get in touch just to know they are ok...

    I think that happened to me too and to everybody at least once in our life. You know that that is not an excuse I mean…

    You won't love everything she/he does or thinks and you can still be in touch!!! I think that is just part of life you know maybe tomorrow we will still be good friends again who knows ...

    Tomorrow Never knows

  3. True. The person who was my best friend in high school isn't my best friend now. Our interest just pulled us in different directions even though our Universities are just 30 minutes away from each other. My closest friend now is someone who went to high school with me but we only ever talked a handful of times when we had a project together & then found out we we're going to the same university when we bumped into each other in the library.

    Funny how things work.

  4. My best friend is a girl that i met when i was 5 years old, so we're already friends for 12 years now! I'm still in high school so maybe when i go to college it changes but i don't think it will! Best friends for live! Hell yeah!

    Maybe i'm just a naive girl... :)

  5. i do, am, and will always be in love with you cesar. you're my best friend. much love, Lucy x

  6. Time goes on and time changes and it changes people and relations and relationships, constantly,year by year, while meeting new people and making some new good griends, as ald ones remains in the past.