Aug 27, 2011

Bonsai tree

A few days ago I went to see the new Almodovar movie "La piel que habito" wich is , as always, amazing.
In the movie Antonio Banderas is growing Bonsai trees and I suddenly fell in love with the midget trees.
I think they are so cute and so cool. I mean a 100 year old tree and only 40 cm high??!! crazy no?
So maybe I'll buy myself a little Bonsai next week, so I can start growing my own Bonsai forest.


  1. I just bought a small rose plant with cream roses very beautiful, but since it has been to hoot my little plant start to lose its leaves and flowers…
    Is kind of sad for me, but nice for my plant which will be saving her energy for the next season! I hope I will be able to see those small flowers again and enjoy nature’s cycles...
    Bonsai Ceesie

  2. it takes a LOT of grooming, time and skill to keep a bonsai tree man