Aug 10, 2011

Fashion Victim

I sometimes wonder if people think of me as a fashion victim...

Am I?

For me fashion is something fun and I don't really think that I try to hard to be "Fashion".

Ceesie just loves to buy new clothes and to look good. I guess it's because I'm always surrounded by the new trends and styles.

But what is a fashion victim?

For me a fashion victim is a shopaholic who only purchases brand- name apparel and will only consider wearing an item that is "the latest trend," regardless of whether or not he can pull it off.

According to Versace a fashion victim is, "When a woman or a man alters their look too much from season to season, he/she becomes a fashion victim."

And I think he is right...

It's just sad to see people trying so desperately to look hip or to be up to date with the latest style. For example; Is there anything more shameful than seeing a women wearing the newest Louboutins heels that are way to high for her? Or a girl saving up all her money for that new It-Bag?

Anyway, remember readers, it's not about the clothes you wear it's about how you wear them! Don't let fashion fool you...


  1. Do not worry Cesar, when I have seen you, you always look quite lovely and well dressed. Anyway today I discovered that the etymology of the word "fashion" is 12th century French meaning "shape, manner, mode" which I think is roughly as you described it. Anyway this twitter is very funny: The Conde Nast Elevator"!/CondeElevator/

    All of my love,

  2. Beautifull piece cesar, said like a professional ;)

    Melvin Jonckers

  3. Dear I think that is your work...
    I would begin to worry if you think just about shopping! I mean that would be so sad. Just to be interested about shopping all the time and hope is not your case! What about food you must write the book, don't you? Cookie monster :)
    Love xxx

  4. I agree with you Cesar. Someone can buy all the beautiful designer clothing from the current season and look horrible next to the person who may be wearing a label that is much cheaper but they wear it well with their own style. I think that's what people are forgetting. Style. Their own personality mixed into their clothing. Besides there is so much more to life than fashion! Not that I don't like fashion, but it's not crucial to have in life. Happiness, family, friends, travel... now those are important :D Anyways great post as always. Take care! x

  5. You definitely are a fashion victim. But I wouldn't worry about it if I were you, it's kinda your job...

  6. agree ! I don't know if you are a fashion victim or not.. your blog definately doesn't make you appear as one :) so I think you're ok

  7. So luck to come across your excellent blog. Your blog brings me a great deal of fun.. Good luck with the site.

  8. Fashion Victimes, are people those who have no nation of fashion at all. For sure and definetly, those people have nothing in common with fashion or style, have no taste, can't make any proper choise and have no personality as well. Being Fashion Victime means being dreesed,still feelng noone and useless,while looking others and imitating designers. Great mistake for those who have no place where they are so ridiculous. Unfortunatly, there are so many and a lots of people in fashion industry in general, those who have not yet undertood what the fashion is all about. God..........